Wrecker Policy

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    This policy is to provide efficient, swift and economical wrecker service to citizens in the Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority (“OCCDA”) service area. Included are operational guidelines to provide for the efficient and equitable delivery of qualified and courteous service and to protect the safety of people and property. OCCDA does not desire to impede the successful business activities of wrecker companies, but also wants a system that is fair to all companies and the vulnerable public, taking into account customer service, relative size of the wrecker company and geographic service areas. Violation of any section of this policy may result in the ineligibility of a participating Service.

    A towing service (“Service”) that is qualified as defined in this policy will be eligible to receive requests for service of "Non-Preference" calls for Service from OCCDA. Non Preference towing runs are those requested through Ottawa Central Dispatch by citizens and/or emergency service providers in which there is no specific Service requested. This policy is also applicable to those Services seeking to be included on the large vehicle/big rig rotation.

    OCCDA will review Services for the non-preference list on an annual basis. If a Service has met all criteria within this policy to be added to the non-preference list, it shall submit a signed application (wrecker packet). Wrecker packets will be available electronically at www.occda.org or can be sent via mail on the first business day of the month by request. Packets will be due no later than 4:00pm on the last business day of September. The Law Enforcement S.O.P Committee will review and approve non-preference towing services for the following year’s rotation at the November meeting.